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Books & Resources

  1. Student Guide Washington

    This CarePro Student Handbook is a detailed guidebook for individuals preparing to take their Home Care Aide certification test. It covers basic information and details each skill, step-by-step, in an easy-to-read format. Order today for all your current and future trainees.
    Course Number:
    • Handbook
    • Home Care Aide Certification Test Preparation
    • Basic Information and Details Each Skill
  2. A Guide to Working as a Personal Care Attendant - Booklet

    By Marion Karpinski, RN This guide is specifically designed to meet the needs of those entering the home care field as personal care attendants. It provides an introduction to the field of home health care, one of the fastest growing industries in the country.
    Course Number:
    • Booklet
    • Credit Hours: 1
    • Introduction to the Field of Home Health Care
    • The World of Home Care
  3. Quick Tips for Caregivers Book and Workbook

    Quick Tips contains practical, easy-to-follow descriptions and clear illustrations on basic nursing procedures.
    Course Number:
    • Quick Tips Guides
    • Book and Workbook
    • ISBN 09653873-9-9
    • ISBN 0-9726833-3-x
  4. Quick Tips Book and Guided Journal

    This guided journal gives caregivers methods for creating patterns of well-being. The exercises help care providers to connect within, while the pages for journal writing allow them to reflect on their life experiences.
    Course Number:
    • Quick Tips Guides
    • Book andJournal
    • ISBN 09653873-9-9
    • ISBN 0-9726833-4-8
  5. Quick Tips for Caregivers/Consejos para Cuidadores de enfermos

    Consejos para Cuidadores de Enfermos de la serie Guía para el Cuidado de Enfermos en el Hogar es un libro lleno de informació n que le dará todas las instrucciones y consejos prácticos necesarios para su trabajo diario. Debido a su formato especial, usted podrá encontrar la informació n que necesite con rapidez y facilidad. Consejos para Cuidadores de Enfermos es un recurso al que usted acudirá una y otra vez, tanto si es un cuidador novicio como experimentado.
    Course Number:
    • Quick Tips Guides
    • Como proteger la espalda
    • Como controlar las infecciones
    • Spanish Edition
  6. Quick Tips for Caregivers Workbook

    The exercises in this workbook are designed to accompany the caregiving principles and procedures taught in Quick Tips for Caregivers textbook. Care providers who complete the workbook will develop a thorough understanding of essential care skills.
    Course Number:
    • Quick Tips Guides
    • 202 Pages
    • Contains a variety of exercises
    • ISBN 0-9726833-3-x
  7. Quick Tips for Caregivers

    This is a wonderful book that is geared to practical caregiver training and support... a worthwhile book that should be on the shelf of every in-home caregiver.
    Course Number:
    • Quick Tips Guides
    • Available in Spanish and Chinese
    • How to position someone in bed
    • ISBN 09653873-9-9
  8. Disaster Preparedness Flip Chart

    This flip chart helps families and businesses prepare for a variety of emergencies following the guidelines developed by the Federal Emergency Management System (FEMA).
    Course Number:
    • Flip Chart
    • 0 Credit Hours
    • Disaster Preparedness
    • Prepare for a Variety of Emergencies